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Ethical Hacker at RustCon, Gilliat Messina, Talks About His Experience with the C|EH Program

Take a look at what Gilliant had to say on LinkedIn:

I have always heard a lot about the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) training and certification program from other cybersecurity professionals and decided to pursue it as a way to grow in my career.

Through the C|EH, I have learned various ways to infiltrate and exploit a system, and by doing so, assess the security posture of a system. From social engineering to various sniffing techniques, hacking wireless applications, mobile platforms, web servers, web applications, and much, much more!

The course is quite intricate but has been simplified in the courseware. The instructor was also well-versed in the various subjects and guided me through the course.

I recommend this course not just for the theoretical knowledge that you will gain but also because of the hands-on skills that you will adapt through the interactive labs, included in the course.

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