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Eng. Majed Alshodari, Chairman of the Saudi Emerging Technologies Forum, Talks about the C|CISO credential

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My experience with EC-Council began in April 2018 when I trained to become a Certified CISO (C|CISO), which is a training and credentialing program designed to focus on both technical skills and information-security management strategies. I soon realized that EC-Council was the sole provider of such a certification and I was curious to learn more about what the program entailed.

At first glance, I discovered that the program was developed in focus with the five domains that comprise of the main components required to become a C-Level executive – governance, security risk management, controls, audit management, security program management and operations, information-security core concepts, and strategic planning, finance, and vendor management. 

The entire training program is divided into three main sectors – Training, Body of Knowledge, and the CCISO exam, all of which plays an extremely vital role in the life of any CISO, which maps 95% to the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NCWF). In addition to that, the C|CISO is also ANSI accredited!

After attending the training, I can confirm that the time spent on the course is worth every second, as the instructors have vast knowledge about the subjects, with rich workshops/discussions with other audiences on what kind of challenges the CISO could face in the executive line especially with the new era of Digital Transformation and Business reshuffling.

However, becoming a C|CISO is not as easy as you might think, as it is a part of the eligibility criteria that the candidate wishing to attain the credential possesses sufficient experience in the various domains to truly understand what to expect while in the field. This only ensures that the credential holder truly possesses the right skills and knowledge to become a CISO.

Receiving this credential was a proud moment and a great experience for me. On the whole, my experience with EC-Council has been quite fulfilling, as ever since I have attained this credential 

I have also had the opportunity to feature on EC-Council University Cyber Talks as the first Saudi Presenter where I shared my experiences as the Finalist for the 2018 CISO of the Year award by EC-Council!

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