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Eng. Majed Alshodari, Chairman of the Saudi Emerging Technologies Forum – CSR, Talks about the Certified Application Security Engineer Program (CASE)

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Are you a software developer looking to update your security skills?

‘Application Security Engineer’ is not just a title that represents technical strength but addresses issues beyond the development and deployment of an application. As an AppSec Engineer, you are expected to present a certain set of security-based skills, that can be acquired and developed through application security training programs.

Employers often look for individual who can define, maintain, and enforce application security best practices, possess vast knowledge of OWASP Top 10, threat modeling, SAST and DAST techniques, can perform an in-depth analysis of secure SDLC and secure SDLC models, possess the ability to perform manual and automated code review of application, and much more.

The role of an application security engineer demands a high level of security practices at the application level as well as throughout the entire process of software development lifecycle.

Is CASE Worth the Hype?

EC-Council, through the Certified Application Security Engineer training and credentialing program, addresses a comprehensive approach to application security. It addresses the security activities involved in the various phases of software development lifecycle (SDLC) and much more.

CASE gives you credibility:

The CASE program affirms that you are a qualified, trained, and expert application security engineer, delivering the skills that employers recognize globally.

CASE is applicable on different platforms:

Either you are working on mobile applications, IoT, or web applications, CASE teaches you security practices that are applicable to all platforms related to the internet. Employers often look for multi-faceted talent and CASE can help you.

CASE is security beyond programming:

The holistic approach of CASE teaches you to implement security standards that are not limited to the codes. Ranging from pre-deployment to post-deployment security techniques, CASE covers every aspect of SDLC.

CASE is based on Java and .NET:

Unlike many other application security engineering programs, CASE is not based on one programming language. It supports both – Java and .NET. Developers from either of these backgrounds become a CASE.

CASE gives you access to iLabs:

CASE gives you the opportunity to gain a hands-on experience through 38 virtual labs, specifically developed to give you the chance to tackle security issues in real-time.

Equipped with all the technical, non-technical, and industry-related knowledge, CASE stands out of the crowd from other application security programs. If you are a .NET or Java developer or if you play a major role in developing, testing, managing or protecting a wide area of applications, then become a Certified Application Security Engineer now!

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