Certified Secure Computer User

Eduardo Edulan, Civil Engineer, Talks About the C|SCU

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As I have never been an IT person, EC-Council unveiled a completely new world to me. It was Certified Secure Computer User (C|SCU) which gave me an inspiring, educative, and valuable knowledge to cherish. For me, the best part of the training was the discussion which took place after the end of every module. It helped me to broaden my perspectives to solve a look at different cyber attacks. I never had a clue that online data could be so vulnerable. The C|SCU training taught me various countermeasures with which I can secure my online data on several platforms (on my PC, mobile phone, and cloud storage).

If you are someone like me who doesn’t possess any skills to protect your information assets, then go for C|SCU. I am unabashedly advocating C|SCU as I really found it very informative and useful. Also, the modules included in C|SCU are easy to understand. I’m not an IT professional, but I’ve seen a lot of professionals getting employed and progressing efficiently with the help of EC-Council’s established and verified credentials and training programs.

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