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Dinesh Buddha, Security Analyst at UST Global, Speaks about C|EH credential from EC-Council.

Read what Dinesh had to say on LinkedIn :

For many years, I have been hearing news and reports about how cybercriminals are getting hold of crucial data of big-time firms and exploiting them on the World Wide Web unnecessarily. These “Black Hats” are getting equipped with the latest tools and techniques and getting their hands on some of the most secure systems and networks. To stop these kinds of acts from taking place, as a Security Analyst, I chose to attain the C|EH credential from EC-Council.

EC-Council’s C|EH instructors guided me through the study material in such a way that I didn’t find any kind of discrepancies at all. During the training session, I learned about IoT, mobile, and cloud hacking. The courseware even prepared me to combat the latest malware, Trojans, and much more.

I strongly recommend that every security and network professional attains this amazing
credential from EC-Council at once.#EC-Council

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