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Dick Wilkinson, Chief Information Security Officer for the courts of New Mexico, Talks about the C|CISO

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Make a Chief-Level Decision with EC-Council’s Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO)

I was an intelligence analyst in the Army for 20 years and worked for the National Security Agency for much of that time. I started to take on cybersecurity roles in the last few years of my Army career. My final assignment was four years leading a cyber research lab for the secretary of defense. Penetration testing was my first cybersecurity specialty. A wide range of assignments and experiences in the military helped me learn different aspects of cybersecurity. I have some great mentors that have taught me the senior leadership skills required to be a good CISO. Later, when I was ready to move into a senior-level position where I wanted to prove my skills and confirm that my knowledge level was right for the job, I went ahead with EC-Council’s Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO). I wanted help to balance my technical knowledge with more business and corporate knowledge. And, the C|CISO program was perfect for that.

What Makes C|CISO Program Exceptional?

  • Training Material

I took my class in person but used the online materials as my primary resource. The training materials were very easy to use for reference and to follow along with the instructor. The online portals all worked well and were intuitive to navigate.

  •  The War Games 

C|CISO training presented several case studies to help me practice with the different real-world scenarios.

  •  Dedicated Module for Risk Management and IoT

Today’s world is shifting to advanced technologies, in which Risk Management and IoT are playing a significant role. C|CISO has a dedicated module for the same and I loved it.

Data classification principles and how those align with regulations and standards have been the most direct impact topic that I use daily from all my C|CISO learnings.

The need for the cybersecurity professionals is exploding and that has no end in sight. The opportunities for job growth and expansion seem almost unlimited right now and entry-level jobs are very well paid. Even if you don’t currently work in IT, you can find a way to start your career in cybersecurity. These days, the experience is being represented through advanced credentials, which is the best way to climb the ladder of the cybersecurity world. For the same, you can opt for EC-Council programs that can give you better exposure while looking for jobs.

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