David Kosorok, Director, Application Security at Align Technology, Talks About C|ASE

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As a hiring manager for Application Security, I’m always looking for expert talent. Over the years I’ve developed a few flags that help me avoid potential problem talent, but more importantly I look for the flags that alert me to amazing and passionate talent. The top flag for me is passion for learning, often seen in a potential candidate competing in Capture the Flag (CTF) events, as well as the individual that stands out because they are constantly educating themselves and updating their skills and knowledge. The Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE) is the best course I’ve seen that encompasses all of the core skills I would expect to find in my top talent. I highly recommend every aspiring talent new to the industry, and senior level engineers that are looking to understand this fast growing industry, to take this course and encourage every Dev, QA or Hosting engineer that touches code, to take this course now.

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