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Daniel Stafrace NOC Engineer at Betclic Group, Speaks About CEH Course.

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Read what Daniel had to say on LinkedIn:

“I encourage people to consider doing CEH as it gives you practical hands-on and knowledge that will surely help you in your carrier path 😊.

A small testimonial on EC-Council Course.

“As a Certified Ethical Hacker, I would like to just put it out there that the C|EH program was a great learning experience and has been well designed and covers almost every aspect of Ethical Hacking. This certification is by EC-Council, one of the most reputable institutions for certifications in Cybersecurity.

I had an amazing instructor who explained the course, using his own experiences as examples, which made the course all the more easy to comprehend.

The course itself covered every aspect of ethical hacking, including giving us the chance at gaining hands-on abilities through the iLabs.
By becoming a C|EH, it has aided in my professional path as a validation of my knowledge and expertise in IT Security”

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