Cybersecurity Certification and Career Planning

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Information technology is rapidly growing, and IT professionals are facing a cut-throat competition. The new upgradations in the field of IT is constantly throwing challenge among the IT professionals in acquiring more knowledge. Getting certified is the best way to define and differentiate your skills. A certification is a recognized benchmark that is mapped to a specific skill. It demonstrates your technical efficiency on a specific domain. Though it does not ensure a job, it will help you place your resume over other non-certified competitors.

This is the last article in the series of articles based on the intense study performed by Pearson VUE. In our last two articles, we have highlighted the key findings of Pearson VUE on ‘The Value of Certifications.’ In this piece of abstract, we have elaborated the various benefits of extrinsic, intrinsic and practical values from being certified.

Pearson Vue Authorised Test Center (PVTC) had a survey on more than 10,000 certified professionals to understand the reasons and benefits of getting certified. The survey also highlighted the initiation efforts towards certification and how the employer and employee respond towards it.

The survey has surprisingly turned out to be a major appreciation for those who are certified and aspire for more credentials to their credit. The respondents have realized that the certifications have opened doors to greater professional opportunities and empower the individuals to a large extent.

Benefits of Certification:

67% 55% 44% 41% 35% 28%
Improved confidence in abilities Application of knowledge in work situations Quality work output Increased job satisfaction Salary/ wage increase Able to handle more responsibility

Extrinsic (tangible) benefits:

Salary/wage increase 34.7%
Increased responsibilities (task quantity or importance 27.6%
Job promotion 26.2%
Higher marks on performance review 25.5%
New job 19.0%
Entrance into a chosen field (did not work in the field previously) 16.1%
Increased number of job interviews 14.0%
More instances of being appointed project lead or point person 12.2%
Special award/accolade for a job well done 8.5%
None 7.4%
N/A – hasn’t had certification long enough yet 13.7%

Intrinsic (personal) benefits:

Greater self-confidence in abilities 67.4%
Increased job satisfaction 40.5%
Increased credibility among co-workers 39.7%
Greater excitement and optimism toward a career 34.8%
Greater drive and determination to succeed 33.6%
A sense of community with other credentialed professionals in the field 18.1%
None 3.3%
N/A – hasn’t had certification long enough for benefits to be realized 7.0%

Practical (on-the-job) benefits

Knowledge has been transferrable to real work situations 55.1%
Higher quality output/more effective solutions provided 44.4%
Increased personal productivity and task efficiency 44.1%
Easier time troubleshooting problems 40.9%
Increased self-reliance/less dependency on others 36.6%
Easier time meeting assignment/project deadlines 12.6%
None 4.2%
N/A – hasn’t had certification long enough for benefits to be realized 9.8%
65% realized the benefit of salary/ wage increment within the first 3-4 months of getting certified.
Increase in salary /wage due to earning certification
More than 50% respondents 5%
31% – 50% 7%
21% – 30% 12%
11% – 20% 21%
6% – 10% 29%
Less than 5% 26%

Training alone is not worth the investment. Certification matters –

91% Gives me more professional credibility with those I interact with on the job
90% Is more effective at preventing or reducing gaps in my learning
89% Makes me more valuable to my employer
88% Provides greater motivation for me to keep my skills up to date
84% Helps me retain acquired knowledge over a longer period
84% Helps me see how different concepts are connected within a broader subject

Specialty areas of most recent certification exam

20.9% Security
18.7% Networking & Wireless
9.5% Cloud
6.3% Virtualization
5.3% Servers
As per the survey, security tops the most preferred certification exam. If you want to be certified and start a successful career in cybersecurity, then learn more about the programs by EC-Council. EC-Council is one of the leading cybersecurity credentialing bodies. Few of our certification programs include C|EH, C|HFI, C|ND, E|CIH, ECSA, L|PT Master, etc. For more details about our programs, visit our program page.

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