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Courage Mucheche, ICT Manager at Hand in Hand Zimbabwe, Talks about the C|CISO Program

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Read what Courage Mucheche had to say on LinkedIn:

In 2009, my superiors encouraged me to pursue a career in cybersecurity. I was already working as a systems administrator for a listed hospitality entity in Zimbabwe. The desire to assist organizations and society attain a sound cyber-hygiene has been a motivating factor, and that’s why I got involved in cybersecurity. I consider solid mentorship and networking coupled with unyielding resolve to earn recognition has spurred me to where I am today. I have challenged myself to continue learning and improving, and my career trajectory has been positive. For that, recently, I attended and attained EC-Council’s Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO).

CCISO program is like no other ICT/Cyber Certification; it speaks directly to the Board and Executive Management. This helps improve ICT visibility in the organization. CCISO focuses on the value of information systems to the organization over and above the brick and mortar of the technical side of IT. I had a fantastic experience learning from the best of the breed in the industry; the learning model is very flexible. Keith Rayle, the instructor, kept the subject interesting through the use of practical examples from his personal experiences. I have found the CBK easy to follow as it was written in a business language which is easy to understand. The program contains relevant modules, helping a CISO to work uniquely in different scenarios.

If you are interested in cybersecurity, do not wait a day longer to jump on the train. The cybersecurity landscape is changing daily, and there is a skills shortage within the industry. There’s plenty of opportunities within the industry. Mentorship and networking are equally important. Certifications and attaining credentials (like a did with C|CISO) help; they are a testament of your abilities to potential employers.

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