Computer Forensics in Today’s World: Trends & Challenges

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Author: Catello Buonocore, CEO & Senior Software Developer, Accademia

The constant development in the advancement of Information Communication & Technology (ICT) has led the entire world to shift towards the digital domain. However, this evolution has also resulted in the emergence of cybercrimes and security breach incidents that threaten an organization’s privacy and security. To investigate such crimes and threats, the computer applications used in computer-based crime has led to the development of a new field called Computer Forensics. Therefore, in this paper, we will first discuss the journey of a computer forensic investigator as they follow certain stages and processes when working on criminal incidents, and later focus on attempts to look into applications of digital forensics and security at hand in various aspects and provide some estimations about future research trends. This paper also focuses on current challenges and trending forensic tools & techniques and has analyzed the most recent trends in digital forensics, including cloud forensics, social media forensics, and IoT forensics. These tools & technologies help forensic professionals use the digital traces left by data storage and processing to keep data safe while identifying cybercriminals.

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