Christian Camilo Urcuqui

Christian Camilo Urcuqui, Cybersecurity Data Scientist at Quantil, Talks about becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker Course

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During the last years, I was curious about computer security certifications, and right now that I have the opportunity and the resources to do the EC-Council | Certified Ethical Hacker course and some CTF challenges, I would like to share my perceptions and thank EC-Council for helping me.

I have been doing research in cybersecurity and data science for the past few last years. I started in the academy and industry developing machine learning models to detect cyber threats. I have been interested in doing the Certified Ethical Hacker because I believe that by learning about how cybercriminals act, knowing this phenomenon, I can propose better artificial intelligence defensive models and offensive techniques for cybersecurity. I would say that the CEH platform is very well set because it integrates theory and practice. I think the courseware was prepared to face this pandemic and allows any student to learn about the things that industry and academia want for a computer security professional.

Cybersecurity is an important area that touches all ICT areas, and we must pay attention to security and be prepared for new challenges that the innovations and external things carry. We need to have a hacker mindset for learning, proposing, and sharing.
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