Chijioke Okoye

Chijioke Okoye, IT Infrastructure Manager, Talks about becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker

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I was working closely with the IT Security Department as a bank’s IT Infrastructure Manager when I became involved in cybersecurity. I am in this position today because of my hard work, resilience, the need to improve oneself by learning new things, taking on challenges, and doing certifications.
I first took a crash course in ethical hacking back in 2015. The bank’s Chief Security Officer where I worked found out about my interest in security and asked me to enroll. The EC-Council courseware and training material was informative, and I learned a lot from it.

I believe what made the transition to cybersecurity a little easier for me was that I had over 10 years’ experience with IT Infrastructure, from network configuration to hardware configuration. My advice to people interested in cybersecurity is to have a vast knowledge of computers and computing before going into IT Security.

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