EC-Council Certified Incident Handler

Carlos Vinícius Braga, System Analyst at Universidade de Brasília, Talks about his cybersecurity career path

EC-Council Certified Incident Handler

Read what Carlos Vinícius Braga had to say on LinkedIn:

I got involved in cybersecurity after I analyzed the security incidents happening in my company. There were a few people qualified for these tasks, and even not being part of the information security team, I participated in the investigations and made vulnerability tests on systems under our supervision. It took me a lot of dedication and learning to get to this professional status. For me, the journey was long and required patience, but I knew I could not win without great effort. I decided to specialize in computer forensics and cybersecurity, first, I went to graduate school and looked for certifications for a trail to follow. I participated in several information security events and kept in touch with more experienced professionals to inspire my development. While searching for renowned cybersecurity training programs, I came across the @EC-Council Certified Incident Handler (E|CIH) program. EC-Council possesses years of experience in cybersecurity, and its training programs are valued and always coveted by companies. Another factor that led me to follow the EC-Council trail was Professor Yuri Diogenes, a Brazilian like me, and a great example to follow. Here in Brazil, I studied with @Acadi-TI, a company dedicated to EC-Council training and who is my partner in this journey. They gave me all the support to follow the cybersecurity trail.

Well, regarding the E|CIH program, the amount of training material I got with it was impressive! The instructor was certified and had all the experience needed to pass on to the attendees. Even after the program, the content provided for study and lab purposes was massive. I studied the given material for months before taking the exam. The most incredible part of the training was undoubtedly the use of a tool like Nmap, which is highly versatile and covers different types of work. But my favorite module was the one dealing with web applications as I work with it directly in the company.

My advice for cybersecurity beginners would be to love what you do! For cybersecurity is an ocean of content and knowledge possibilities. Without the dedication and love for what you will be doing, there is no way to pursue this career. Recognize your limitations and learn from the most experienced and devote part of your day to developing your skills. And I highly recommend @EC-Council.

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