8 Ways to beat a Botnet Attack [Quick Tips]

Every year, millions of dollars of cryptocurrency are stolen from crypto wallets. After thousands of botnet attacks, cybercriminals are now looking for new ways to make money. To this end, the introduction of cryptocurrency mining botnets came about. It is now sold as a service.

Recently, French police neutralized a cryptocurrency mining botnet. This botnet controlled hundreds of thousands of infected systems. Solutions to these attacks range from raising awareness to the use of a VPN kill switch. Network managers must set up tools and use robust techniques in their cyber defense strategy.

Stop Botnets from stealing data

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Security professionals are the first line of defense. But, they need another powerful second line of defense. The optimal solution is to have well-aware employees. Even hiring experienced professionals or organizing awareness-raising training sessions will help. Incorporating these listed practices in the cybersecurity strategy will assist further.

Botnet attacks are generally combined with other cyber threats, making its detection challenging. Eliminating botnet threats can help an organization stay protected from botnet attacks.

1. VPN with a kill switch

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows access to private data through a public network. The VPN provider must have a kill switch to stop access to confidential information. The kill switch will hinder the transfer of data from VPN to an unsecured connection.

2. A dedicated system to block fraudulent emails

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a common form of cyberattack. It targets organizations that rely on wired transactions with international suppliers. BEC attacks are not easy to defend. To end such attacks, organizations need defensive gateway web tools.

3. Plan a secure baseline strategy against BEC attacks

Many busy users click on emails without paying much attention to them. Having a policy against opening random emails is not enough. While raising awareness can help, staff should be able to report suspicious emails. Besides that, prompt employees to update their login credentials with strong passwords. It would help more to create awareness of the different kinds of cyberattacks. More importantly, their respective real-time solutions.

4. Manual software installation

Organizations should disable automatic software installation. Disallow an ‘AutoRun’ feature so prevent the launch of unnecessary commands.

5. Windows firewall

Windows firewall is the basic defensive tool against network-based security threats. But, users sometimes prefer to disable them to establish easy network connections. Firms must have alternative firewall protection, as well. Also, organizations should ensure that the appropriate configuration of firewalls.

6. Network compartmentalization

In today’s world, enterprises must have secure external and internal network communications. Compartmentalizing a network will help put up access controls to limit internal communication. It also monitors tracks of unexpected connections, highlighting the presence of a cyberattack. By limiting broad access to internal machines, you can stop botnets from spreading.

7. Break the trust relationship between computers and domains

Local account administrator should change the ability to auto-connect computers and trusted domains. Having control over local accounts will help eradicate botnet attacks, among others.

8. Set up more security layers

Use defensive tools against bad bots. Though they are expensive, they offer brilliant results. Botnets work stealthily, making them an invisible form of cyberattack. Unlike worms or DDoS attacks, they steal data and send it across to their respective master bots.

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