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Bajrang Davda, Ethical Hacker Talks about the C|EH credential

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In was in 2018 that I saw a movie called Hacker that raised my curiosity on cybersecurity. At that moment I knew just the basics, thanks to me being a person with a computer engineering background.

But even when I had enough knowledge about the domain, I wanted more of it. Also, I was looking for a professionally acceptable credential in ethical hacking. For this, I chose the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH). I liked every element of this program – its comprehensive courseware, extremely knowledgeable trainer, holistic content, and highly informative training material.

My advice for candidates interested in cybersecurity as a career is to start with obtaining surface knowledge of the domain. Then focus on gaining basic networking knowledge (go for C|EH or EC-Council’s Certified Network Defender (C|ND) with in-depth knowledge of at least one programming language (python is recommended).

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