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Atiq Ur Rehman, Research Officer at KICS, UET Lahore, On Becoming a C|SCU

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Read what Atiq Ur Rehman had to say on LinkedIn:

As a researcher, I come across many security projects and so I decided to do the Certified Secure Computer User training from EC-Council to get a better view of the projects that I work on. Truly saying, I had an awesome experience at EC-Council and the training material was top notch and easy to understand.

I am very delighted that EC-Council gave me a wonderful opportunity to teach me all the aspects of security such as security in cloud computing, securing operating systems, security on social networking sites, securing mobile devices, data backup, and data recovery, etc. I especially enjoyed learning about how a device becomes vulnerable when it gets connected to the internet and becomes an open source for all possible threats and breaches.

I would like to recommend EC-Council and their certification courses to all my colleagues and other security professionals so that they can help prevent cybercriminal activities in the future.

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