EC-Council Certified Security Analyst

Ashis Dash, Product Security Expert at Nokia, Talks about the ECSA Program

Read what Ashis Dash had to say on LinkedIn:

I started my career as a developer, but I was always passionate about cybersecurity. Slowly, I decided to choose cybersecurity as my career. My dedication and hard work helped me to get started in the security domain. My initial learning days were challenging as I was struggling to understand what concepts and tools to use in different scenarios. I was clueless about the penetration testing methodologies. Then I heard about the EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA), a program that helped me to learn organized strategies and methodologies. The training material that I got with the ECSA program was of top-notch quality. It seemed to be drafted after intense research and contained complete know-how. I absolutely loved the way ‘software application security’ was covered. The program had the perfect blend of manual and automated pen-testing approaches.

In my opinion, professionals looking for hands-on experience should definitely go for ECSA.

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