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Ankit Shrivastav, Talks about How EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) Transformed My Life for the Better

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My interests in computers led me to me pursuing computer science as my career. I always believed that all developed software/websites come with some vulnerabilities and that’s why I started learning about cybersecurity. I’ve learned a lot from EC-Council’s study material, online video lectures, YouTube, and the internet. With that, a few of my mentors helped me whenever I faced any difficulty. My “never give up” attitude helped me a lot. A few of my colleagues and mentors suggested EC-Council programs and, after a lot of research, I concluded that the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) was the perfect choice.

The content of C|EH was up-to-date and according to the latest industry norms. It helped me learn IoT hacking, cloud security, and many other exciting topics. The content and the quality of the material was excellent as EC-Council always keep it updated. It is the best choice for the beginners as they can get a lot of advantage from this training material and can learn new things of the cyber world. This training allowed me to get familiar with different types of tools – Nmap, theHarvester, Maltego, Burp Suite, Metasploit, and Wireshark.

Cybersecurity is a great career choice. Organizations are being a continuous target of phishing attacks and data exposure. Being a white hat or an ethical hacker, one can defend and protect the organization against such attacks. Almost all the industries are relying on the cybersecurity industry. So, gain technical skills with EC-Council’s training programs and help the cybersecurity industry to fight malicious cybercriminals. Remember that you’ll face a lot of challenges, beat them with your positive attitude.


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