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Andrea Melideo, Security Consulting Analyst at Accenture, Talks about the C|EH Program

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I work as a Security Analyst with a career that has seen me cover the roles of a SOC analyst and Pen-tester. My great passion for computer security and the desire to learn new things every day helped me to get through the cybersecurity industry. The great market demand of the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) makes it one of the most desired credentials. Even I can confirm that this program offers intensive knowledge while credential indicates that its holder possesses advanced skills and a thorough knowledge of the domain. The C|EH program’s training material supplied every concept that I wanted to learn. It may seem exhaustive, but it covers all the traditional and advanced ethical hacking strategies. In my current job, I rely on the knowledge that I acquired from the C|EH training. This certification also provided the basis for proper incident management and event analysis – key points of my work. I have also been able to improve my pentester skills.

If you are interested in entering computer security, you must be determined and ready to study and update yourself continuously because the IT world is constantly changing. You must also be ready to approach IT as a whole because it is necessary to have knowledge that ranges from systems to networks and a credential like C|EH that can give you the basis to face the cyber-world.

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