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Alok Raj, Teaching Assistant at Cybrary, Talks about the EC-Council C|EH Certification Experience

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I like studying databases, operating systems, networking, and loved computer programming. Also, I am inclined towards new technologies such as cloud, data centers, and machine learning. All these are easily summed up under cybersecurity and comprehensively covered in the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH). This EC-Council program has impressive course content and immense knowledge that is now helping me to build a successful career in cybersecurity. C|EH is a globally accepted program and considered as the baseline requirement for entering cybersecurity. All its modules nearly cover everything that one needs to know for starting as a security analyst. The entire EC-Council training material was beyond the scope of the exam. It was concise but thorough. The program is smartly designed to gain knowledge and concepts that are demanded by the employers of the industry. It has dedicated 40% of the class time in virtual labs, and it’s incredible to learn like this! Because of this practical approach of C|EH I got familiar with various tools and topics that I use more often. To name a few, Nmap, hping3, Wireshark, Snort, Burp Suite Community Edition are my go-to tools, while I majorly rely on cryptography, Google Dorks, IoT security, and cloud security. I feel cybersecurity is the most challenging but exciting industry; it is diverse and dynamic. So, be ready to accept and move forward with the change. Plus, knowing networking, cloud, virtualization, operating systems, databases, and programming helps a lot.

I am C|EH Certified #IamECCouncil

Thank You EC-Council for creating such a wonderful course.

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