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Advanced Penetration Testing – Penetrating the most advanced networks

In the present corporate environment, no doubt that security is one of the main issues being addressed. The digitization of business operations and processes are putting the companies at higher risks of data breaches and cyber incidents. One of the major risks that an organization is exposed to is of hackers making use of existing vulnerabilities. There is every possibility that the hacker could take control of your IT infrastructure by exploiting the vulnerabilities present in them. Advanced penetration testing can assess and identify those critical vulnerabilities that may help the organization in surviving big attacks.

A study conducted by Microsoft and Frost & Sullivan, A large-sized organization in Asia Pacific can possibly incur an economic loss of US$30 million, more than 300 times higher than the average economic loss for a mid-sized organization (US$96,000) [in the case of a breach]; and cybersecurity attacks have resulted in job losses across different functions in almost seven in ten (67%) organizations that have experienced an incident over the last 12 months.”

To mitigate the risk of a security incident, the organization should be able to prevent, detect, and respond to those attacks. Many critical attacks can be prevented by remediating known vulnerabilities and performing regular security assessments to identify and mitigate unknown vulnerabilities. But at no stage, we can assure that a system is fully secure. An organization should have a certified penetration tester who can perform penetration testing at an advanced level.

Licensed Penetration Tester (L|PT) Master for Advanced Penetration Testing –
EC-Council’s L|PT Master certification is the most challenging certification in penetration testing. It challenges penetration testers to the brink of their exhaustion. The certification is so developed because of the growing complexity and advance risks that require intense penetration testing skills, which every penetration tester could not able to perform. Here are a few crucial features of L|PT program that makes it one of the advanced penetration testing certifications –

  • L|PT Master exam is of 18 hours duration, with 3 levels of 6 hours each. As you progress, the severity of challenges also increases over multi-layered network architecture with defense-in-depth control.
  • The exam requires you to demonstrate mastery of deploying advanced pen testing techniques and tools. Few of the advanced tools and techniques include – SSH tunneling, privilege escalation, OS vulnerabilities exploits, multi-level pivoting, web exploits, SQL injection, and parameter manipulation, etc.
  • L|PT exam throws a real-life challenge on hardened machines, networks, and applications.
  • The exam requires you to make knowledgeable decisions at critical stages while selecting your exploits. All this should be performed in a time limit, which creates a mounting pressure on the candidate.
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Advanced Penetration Testing (APT) Course to Prepare for L|PT Master
APT is a different course from ECSA which is developed only to prepare you with the advanced penetration testing capacities that you may face while appearing for L|PT Master. The course is a part of L|PT Maser and is built on the backbone of Advanced Penetration Testing Cyber Range (ECCAPT). The cyber range is designed by experts having more than 25 years of experience in the industry. ECCAPT contains more than 180 machines having more than 250 GB RAM and 4000 GB of storage. The range is based on complex network ranges with multiple militarized and demilitarized zones. ECCAPT is designed to provide challenges across every level of attack spectrum.


Q. Why do you need certified penetration tester?
A. The world’s toughest penetration testing exam based on real-life situations. The certified penetration testers are skilled in dealing with real-life challenges that are complex and critical. Read more: Why employers prefer hiring licensed penetration tester masters
Q. How to prepare for L|PT Master?
Q. How to prepare for L|PT Master?
A. EC-Council’s Licensed Penetration Tester (Master) is the pinnacle of all pentesting certifications. It is designed to push the candidate to the brink, by immersing them in a hands-on simulated penetration test that mimics scenarios that you would face in real-life. Here is the brief on how to prepare for the most toughest penetration testing challenges: L|PT Master – Here is how you can prepare
Q. How to beat the information disclosure attack?
A. Information disclosure occurs when a web application fails to protect its sensitive data by exposing it to unauthorized parties. The acquired information could crucial for the organization or might contain location other sensitive files. Here is how you can beat the information disclosure attack.
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