Aditya Anand Talks About Attaining the C|EH and C|HFI Credentials from EC-Council

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I just completed the training program for the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator credential and I must remark on how the entire training program was very well structured, with every bit of it relevant to the job role.

These days training are mostly theory based, which is not very useful in the real life scenario but the practical approach of the C|HFI training made sure that the whole program was designed with a clear mindset, to provide students with a holistic approach to be able to apply this knowledge in the real world. These practical exercises ensure that you are not only learning the theory part of it but also understand how these tools work and understand the real life implementation of such tools.

I am more than satisfied by the learning that has been provided by the instructors and the material I had access to, as it never deviated from the goal that was to provide the information needed for the real world scenario.

I have already attained two EC-Council credentials, C|EH (Certified Ethical Hacker ) & now, C|HFI ( Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator) and I am preparing for various more.

Recommending EC-Council to others is a no-brainer as these are the best credentials present in the cybersec world. All CyberSec enthusiasts should pursue this credential as this can be their stepping stone towards a brighter future in the cyber sec community. EC-Council has the highest amount of recognition and it is considered as the must-have credential and I say this based on the number of organisations that recognize it, and as the C|EH is 100% complaint with the NICE framework and is accredited by ANSI and recognised by DoD and GCHQ.

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