Adebimpe Ibironke

Adebimpe Ibironke, Information Security Engineer, Talks about becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker Course

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The last few years have been a paradigm shift in my professional career. Being a lady in the Information Security domain is something I had always yearned for. Thanks to EC-Council, I have been able to develop the skill set in that regard.

Before choosing cybersecurity as a career, I had been a Network Administrator responsible for managing the network. I delved into cybersecurity to challenge myself as I realized that network security is just as paramount, if not more. I got here through my trust in God, IT mentors, and my unquenchable will to succeed.

What piqued my interest in Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) was that the courseware topics were tailored to enable you to think like unethical and ethical hackers, allowing ethics to win and build a strategic cybersecurity solution that helps protect your client from all threats and vulnerabilities. In my experience, the CEH courseware and training material were self-explanatory and detailed. The course presented me with a steganography master tool that I regularly use to ensure data confidentiality and other great tools alike.

I would advise those interested in cybersecurity to surround themselves with like-minded people so as when your strength wanes, you will have someone to pull you up.
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