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Adam Sinsel, Cybersecurity Test & Evaluation Director at US Navy, Talks About the C|CISO Program

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Last week I had the good fortune of attending EC-Council’s Official CCISO Training in Tampa, FL. The change in geography (and weather) alone proved quite therapeutic. However, soaking up sun in the white sands and crystal clear water would have to wait. I had a bigger goal on this trip: becoming a Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO). I won’t torture you with suspense: I passed the exam, and below is a review of my experience:


EC-Council conveniently hosted the course in a business class hotel offering well-appointed and comfortable suites. Most students lodged in the same hotel, which turned out to be quite convenient, making travel to and from class a breeze, and creating an opportunity to study and network with other students during the evenings.  The hotel provided a variety of quality lunch options throughout the week and even provided continental breakfast in the mornings. With a setup like this, it was easy for students to focus on the training.

Training materials were provided electronically approximately a week before class convened, and printed copies of the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) were awaiting students in their assigned seats on day one.  Two days before the exam students received vouchers and instructions for testing on the final day. EC-Council provided a test proctor to monitor students taking the exam on their own laptops. All in all, testing was well organized and convenient for students. Results were immediate and students were free to go upon conclusion of their exam.


EC-Council hit a home run when they landed noted cybersecurity strategist, published author, and expert trainer Tari Schrieder as trainer and course content contributor. I felt fortunate to be assigned to his class, and it was clear to me that other students agreed. His expertise and decades of experience were on full display, as he broke down each of the five CCISO domains in relatable and understandable terms. It’s worth noting that only one of the five domains focuses on specific technologies. This is very much a management certification, and the expectation is that you will come into the program with significant technical experience. Tari did an excellent job of elevating the level of discourse and challenging students to think like C-suite executives as he methodically worked his way through the CBK.

I totally expected high quality course content, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I learned from my classmates – cybersecurity professionals from financial services, IT services, consulting firms, various levels of government, education, and even agriculture—just to name few.  I learned an incredible amount about GRC from my classmates in the private sector. As a DoD cybersecurity practitioner, GRC prevents a unique problem set. Through interactions with classmates I was able to understand the challenges of GRC for large non-public organizations.  And I was able to share lessons learned from my experience in the federal space. Aside from a small  (impressive) group from a Canadian consulting firm, we each came to class as complete strangers but departed feeling like a team of professional colleagues looking for future opportunities to collaborate.

Test Prep:

I can only say that I passed the exam with ease after attending this course, and I feel like it was a major contributor to my success. Could I have passed the exam without the course? Probably, but it would have taken weeks more of preparation and caused considerable anxiety. According to EC-Council there are three major contributing factors to passing the CCISO exam:

  1. Your professional experience
  2. The EC-Council course material
  3. The professional development that occurs while interacting with other students.

I completely agree with EC-Council. This is definitely the recipe for success. I don’t believe I would have passed the exam so easily without any one of the three components. I don’t know the pass rate for my classmates, but from what I’ve heard, most of them performed quite well on the exam.


Bottom line: If you are looking for a high level management certification to take you to the next level or solidify your place in the cybersecurity community, I highly recommend attending EC-Council’s Official CCISO Training. Remember, there is an experience requirement for the CCISO program. Candidates who lack the required experience may apply for certification as an EC-Council Information Security Manager (EISM), an associate program for CCISO.  To help you choose the best path for you, I’ve provided a link below with the experience requirements.

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