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Abraão Sakelo, Compliance Analyst at Savings and Credit Bank, Talks about the L|PT Master

Read what Abraão Sakelo had to say on LinkedIn:

Nowadays, every organization needs a dedicated professional for their security infrastructure. The demand for these professionals motivated me to attain the Licensed Penetration Tester (L|PT) Master credential. I knew the need for cybersecurity professionals is growing at a breakneck speed. I also noticed that job postings for cybersecurity positions had grown three times faster than openings for IT jobs overall.

Since there is no specified linear path to a successful cybersecurity career, some starts with a general IT-based college degree while others come from different IT role (my scenario). As we all know, no matter where we start, all cybersecurity careers begin with general IT experience. That’s the reason why I needed to understand how the technology works before I could learn how to secure and protect it. For the same reason, I was seeking for the best credentialing programs. The one that can make my professional profile attractive and made my technical skills visible to employers. So, Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) became my first choice. Initially, I was interested in C|EH because of its professional credibility. Trust me, this training had everything that I needed to learn – modern ethical hacking practices. I also loved its online courseware. After my fabulous experience with C|EH, I went for a few other EC-Council programs; one was L|PT (Master).

Well, the C|EH program helped me to learn:

  • fundamental concepts,
  • to protect, detect and respond to threats,
  • the true construct of data transfer,
  • network technologies,
  • software technologies
  • how networks operate,
  • what is software automation, and
  • how to analyze the cyber vulnerabilities.

In addition, I got to learn about network defense fundamentals, the application of network security controls, protocols, secure IDS, VPN and firewall configuration, intricacies of network traffic signature, analysis, and vulnerability scanning. The best part of my training was that I gained the knowledge which is applicable in real-world. I will be using all these concepts as a penetration tester, especially the advanced concepts like scanning against defenses, pivoting between networks, deploying proxy chains, and using web shells, and so on.

To develop skills, I got EC-Council’s safe iLabs. These labs had a real-time environment, which allowed to use numerous pen-testing tools. I must say it is the most comprehensive and feature-rich virtual learning environment in the market.

Apart from that, the L|PT (Master) made me go through multiple complex topics. Because of this hands-on exam, I learned –

  • performing vulnerability tests and security assessments,
  • supervising the development of corporate security policies and procedures,
  • collaborating with key stakeholders to establish a security risk management program, and
  • identifying weak spots and help organizations improve their security posture

For people interested in cybersecurity as a career, you should know that everyone starts somewhere. That means you can always get an entry-level technical position to start your cybersecurity career. Cybersecurity certifications like C|EH and L|PT (Master) can put your security career on fast-track. It will help you in getting a technical cybersecurity job quickly. These certifications take a lot less time to earn than a college degree. Depending on your pace of study, you can obtain these in just a few months. Gaining such insightful experiences from EC-Council helped me to build confidence and knowledge needed for my current and future roles. I am a strong supporter of EC-Council programs because the information covered in these programs is accurate and complete, especially if you want to grow in this industry. As long as you have passion, and desire to learn, you’re on the right track. Never lose that desire to learn. Once you start developing skills and network with the right professionals, the opportunities will come through.


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