4 Tips From Experts That Will Help You Reduce the Cost of a Penetration Test?

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Due to the ongoing pandemic and transformations in work culture, it has become vital to ensure that your company’s cybersecurity is well maintained. If you are a part of a similar entity, the idea of getting penetration testing exercises must have come to your mind. But then, the notion that the cost of penetration testing can be very high can be off-putting and discouraging to many.

If you are not conducting a pentesting exercise just because of the costs, here are two things you should know –

  • You can effectively reduce the cost of pentesting if you know what you are doing.
  • Avoiding a pentesting exercise can do more monetary damages if a hacker finds a way into your system.

The cyber incidents targeted at Nutribullet and Instacart are typical examples of why it isn’t worth it to be ignorant about your application security [1]. We spoke with our experts on reducing the cost of penetration testing and shared some important insights.

Is Penetration Testing Costly?

When asked this question, most people state the average cost of a penetration test and determine the expenses based on that amount. However, assessing the cost of penetration testing is never that simple. These estimations do not consider the benefits of penetration testing for businesses and the likely costs of not implementing these security strategies.

For instance, according to the 2021 data breach stats by Varonis, Remote work during COVID-19 increased data breach costs in the United States by $137,000. If you take this loss into account, a penetration testing exercise will be way more beneficial than facing a cyberattack.

Still, the cost of penetration testing can increase if the authorities in charge don’t focus on what they need and take the best approach. The expenses can come down if you follow these tips that our experts suggest.

Strategies to Reduce the Cost of Penetration Tests in 2021

Although penetration testing is a significant component of your security strategy, the process doesn’t come with hard and fast rules. You can adjust the applications as per the requirements of the test, which also includes the budget. You implement the following strategies to reduce the cost of pentesting exercise.

 Conduct regular vulnerability scans

You should perform a constant vulnerability assessment on your infrastructure and application using innovative, cloud-centered penetration testing tools. You can do a quarterly vulnerability assessment to resolve some security issues before performing the annual penetration testing, particularly if you don’t know where to start.

Invest in multi-year contracts

Some vendors offer multi-year discounts for your enterprise security evaluations. So, why not invest in a multi-year contract (If you can) and save yourself some money. This type of long-term investment benefit includes tactically planning upgrades, releases, and architectural changes while still planning your security evaluations. Likewise, it helps you understand that your project has been accounted for, which allows you to curtail year-over-year price surges.

Be upfront about your pentesting budget

Your budget and the objectives of penetration testing should be clear during the initial conversations with your potential penetration testing company. Always consider hiring experienced penetration testers who will help in reducing the cost of penetration tests and streamline the whole process.

Be clear if you need automated penetration testing or manual penetration testing

The cost of penetration testing change depending on if it is an automated or a manual penetration test. Automated tests are often seen as a cost-effective alternative to conduct penetration tests, but the cost change on context and purpose. You should not misinterpret the term as the ultimate money-saving pentesting method.

Manual penetration testing vs Automated penetration testing

The budget for penetration testing also depends on the expertise of the pentester. Often it is noticed that professionals who have completed their penetration testing certification from a reputed institute with long-term cybersecurity experience are more experienced with devising cost-effective penetration testing programs.

Ensure Cost-Effective Penetration Testing Exercises with EC-Council Certified Pentesting Professionals 

EC-Council certified penetration testing professionals hold expertise in strategizing customized plans depending on the requirements of their clients. EC-Council’s penetration testing certification also emphasizes simulation labs, which help understand different nuances of penetration testing under different scenarios. As a client, you will find this expertise helpful while negotiating the pentesting budget and other aspects that you are expecting.

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How much should a penetration test cost?
On average, the cost of a penetration test can cost 4,000 USD for a small-scale, less complicated business to over 100,000 USD for a huge, multifaceted company[2]. Different factors such as the organization’s size and business complexity determine the cost of a penetration test.
How much do freelance Pentesters make?
As obtainable with other business services, prices vary based on different factors such as experience, location, employer, etc. An expert penetration tester can charge between 15,000 USD to 30,000 USD [3]. A freelance pentester can set their prices as low as 15 USD every hour or as high as 5,000 USD [4]. Some even charge excessive amounts in the name of “corporate rates,” and some don’t even publish their prices.
Is penetration testing a promising career?
Yes. Penetration testing is a promising career. Pen testers are in high demand. They are needed to patch up security and find new exploits.








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