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4 Reasons Why Designers Need Blockchain and Fast

In the last few years, the blockchain industry has been developing exponentially. However, we are in a new age of blockchain technology which is not about Ethereum, Bitcoins, or the Smart Contracts systems. Furthermore, blockchain has become popular in almost every industry whether it is financial management, health tracking, or how people connect and interact with each other.

Although it can be quite tempting to leave the implications of blockchain to coders, designers’ impact on the modern digital world cannot be overlooked. In this article, we will highlight everything you need to know about the role of blockchain technology in the realm of design thinking and tools for blockchain development.

Reasons Why Designers Need to Start Thinking About Blockchain Technology

Some of the reasons why designers need to start thinking about blockchain technology are stated below.

1. It Is Not Just Cryptocurrencies

Many people that know about blockchain technology usually associate blockchain with digital trading and exchange. However, you should know that blockchain is not only about Bitcoins and Ethereum. Furthermore, blockchain implementation has taken numerous revolutionary steps and it is used in several industries. For instance, lots of energy companies are now using blockchain technology to ensure efficient and affordable production and distribution of energy.

Furthermore, in the health sector, medical insurance companies are now able to track fake claims and filter them out with the aid of blockchain technology. This is because blockchain offers numerous industries an easy way of monitoring, tracking, and implementing information. Due to the numerous blockchain potentials, blockchain designer needs to use their skills and expertise to optimize user experiences for all the products and services that will be designed on blockchain technology.

2. It Will Change The Ways Humans Interact With One Another

With the way blockchains are going, it will surely have a big impact on our culture. Based on the way that blockchains manage our digital interaction, we should expect new things from the way we relate with other people and parties. Due to blockchain design, people will now be expecting that companies they are doing business with are open and easily accessible.

Trust is the most crucial design element in any system and blockchain can help produce this.

3. Blockchain Security

A crucial part of a blockchain ecosystem is the need for security. This is because we are in a digital world where it is easy for transactions to get exposed to fraudulence and hacking. Another aspect of security when using blockchain is that people expect to be anonymous when dealing with others. Users will also expect that hackers cannot run off with their money through trading and mining.

This is where a blockchain designer is needed. It is now important for blockchain designers to think about the human experience from the beginning of a blockchain architecture design. Designers need to come up with blockchain security solutions that will help to make the networks safe for the user. They also need to design wallets that are simple to use and it is resistant to online attacks and develop systems that assure the users that they will have a secure identity.

4. Technology-Design Interface

The world is advancing at light speed due to digitalization. Nowadays, new technology or tools are launched in the market every day and most times its impact on humans is not usually monitored or identified. A related challenge for blockchain designers is to design a blockchain that is not biased. This means that a network should be designed in a way that another user can’t interfere in its working.

Before blockchain technology can move forward, there is a need for a group of people that advocate for human experience and human rights while developing these technologies. Furthermore, as emerging technologies like blockchain start to take form, it is crucial for designers to have a voice in the process from the start. Designers also need to find a way to create a realm that the interactions that are transparent, traceable, and not restricted.

Blockchain For Designers

It is now a known fact that blockchain designers cannot leave blockchain in the hands of coders. There is a need for them to be at the forefront in other to adopt new technology in numerous elements to offer applications and websites. Sectors such as trust and simple UI, information, and network security are going to be a defining factor for blockchain 2.0. This is why blockchain designer needs to understand that blockchain technology is not only about financial technology but also other applications.

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