Certified Network Defender CND exam

3 Steps to prepare for the CND exam

Certified Network Defender CND exam

The Certified Network Defender (CND) exam is not an easy one to crack. From scanning systems for unapproved users to performing regular stress tests to discover weaknesses, a Certified Network Defender must be able to do it all. All this must be proven in 4 hours! 

Here are three steps to ensure that you are prepared to attempt the CND exam: 

Step 1: Create a schedule and stick to it 

When creating a schedule first ask yourself – What exactly does a Certified Network Defender need to know? 

The CND courseware covers everything that a network defender needs to know and much more: 

  • Computer Network and Defense Fundamentals. 
  • Network Security Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Attacks. 
  • Network Security Controls, Protocols, and Devices. 
  • Network Security Policy Design and Implementation. 
  • Physical Security. 
  • Host Security. 
  • Secure Firewall Configuration and Management. 
  • Secure IDS Configuration and Management. 
  • Secure VPN Configuration and Management. 
  • Wireless Network Defense. 
  • Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis. 
  • Network Risk and Vulnerability Management. 
  • Data Backup and Recovery. 
  • Network Incident Response and Management. 

Step 2: Create your study strategy 

How far away is your exam? Do you have enough time to study all the topics mentioned above? What about the study material? Not sure where to start? EC-Council offers various modes of training from which you can choose.  

  • If you prefer to study at your own pace, then opt for the ‘iLearn’ mode of study.  
  • If you prefer live instructor-led learning but don’t have the time to travel to a venue, then opt for the ‘iWeek’ live-online mode of learning.  
  • If you would like to train in-person but only by the best of EC-Council’s Certified Instructors, then opt for the ‘Masterclass’ mode of learning.  
  • If you prefer classroom training, and if you have the time to dedicate, then sign up at an EC-Council Accredited Training Center. 

Step 3: Test your knowledge 

Simply reading and learning all the modules may not be enough. It is time for you to test if you are ready for the exam. If you think you are ready, then you can test yourself with EC-Council’s official CND assessment 

Final Thoughts 

According to LinkedIn Jobs, there are over 5,500 jobs available around the world that specify a requirement or preference for Certified Network Defenders. By getting certified you will not only be job-ready but will also be able to play your role in protecting the cyber space.


Why should I become a Certified Network Defender?

Top reasons to become a Certified Network Defender: 

  • Employment Scalability 
  • Mapped to NICE Framework 
  • Accredited by ANSI 
  • Comprehensive Learning 
  • Exam Based on Real Challenges 
  • Intensive Lab 
  • Salary Benefit 

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When should I become a Certified Network Defender?

The network security market will keep growing with the advancing nature of cybercriminals. The use of automated tools and destructive strategies are making organizations long for experts who can defend their networks with dynamic strategies. For this, a Certified Network Defender (C|ND) is a credentialed professional with the required knowledge and skills.

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